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Source: Monti Incorporated

Kategorie: News International, 11.03.2020

Walkthrough an automated powder coating line

Recently an automated powder coating line was installed in Greenwood, South Carolina (USA) for Monti Incorporated. The almost 2000 m2 coating system was created in a team effort by GAT Finishing Systems, Rohner Powder Coating Booths and Gema Powder Application Equipment.


Source: AGTOS

Kategorie: News International, 11.03.2020

Optimum blasting of heavily stressed components

Krausz Industries in Tel Aviv, Israel is a manufacturer and marketer of products and services for the transport, distribution and measurement of water. The company recently installed a new blasting system.


Source: Dürr

Kategorie: News International, 11.03.2020

Compact painting robot for industry

During the development of new special paints, WB Coatings reached its limits when it came to the usual manual application. That’s when the global paint and coating manufacturer came up with what seemed a rather unconventional idea for its industry:


Source: Škoda Transportation Group

Kategorie: News International, 11.03.2020

Škoda Transportation invests in coating plant

For the planned expansion of a production plant, a ground-breaking ceremony was held in February in Ostroava. It will include a new paint shop, a modern machining center and new production lines.



Kategorie: News International, 11.03.2020

Innovative infrared-technology

Austrian System7 metal technology has recently started coating with a beta coating plant including innovative infrared technology.

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