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The paint shop is also designed for the coating of electric vehicles. Image: Dürr

Kategorie: News International, 25.10.2018

Highly automated paint shop

In October, Dürr announced the construction of a new highly automated paint shop in Vietnam for VinFast, a start-up of the VinGroup. The VinFast brand is the group’s first foray into the mobility market, which offers enormous growth potential due to the strong increase in demand for vehicles in Southeast Asia. VinFast intends to establish itself with various models delivering best-in-class quality and produced in a factory equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables transparent, lean processes.


The system can be used as stand-alone drying or cure oven. Image: David Wiesmann, L.L.C.

Kategorie: News International, 25.10.2018

Infrared preheat and curing systems

David Weisman, L.L.C. recently introduced its latest Horizontal Conveyorized Infrared Preheat and Curing Systems designed for customers to preheat or cure liquid and powder coatings on a wide range of products processed horizontally.


The new products were profusely tested. Image: Axalta

Kategorie: News International, 25.10.2018

Global lauch of coatings portfolio

Axalta recently announced the worldwide launch of its new protective coatings brand, Corroless. The Corroless portfolio consists of Axalta's most durable products, engineered to provide exceptional, long-term chemical and corrosion resistance to a wide array of iron and steel substrates, while remaining cost effective.


An advantage of the new material is a incorporated self-healing effect. Image: MIT

Kategorie: News International, 25.10.2018

Self-healing material incorporates carbon from the air

A material designed by MIT chemical engineers can react with carbon dioxide from the air, to grow, strengthen, and even repair itself. The polymer, which might someday be used as construction or repair material or for protective coatings, continuously converts the greenhouse gas into a carbon-based material that reinforces itself.


In the new paint shop is possible to coat 300.000 square meters per year. Image: Farmtech

Kategorie: News International, 25.10.2018

Farmtech opens new paint shop

The paint shop was built in less than nine months in accordance with the latest guidelines and was finished in the middle of October. The total value of the more than 2,000 square metre investment is around 4.2 million euros.

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