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The new powder coating is specially designed to protect metal edges. Image: PPG

Kategorie: News International, 14.03.2019

New powder coatings for edge protection

PPG announced the lauch of "Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge coatings”, which use a patent-pending, advanced technology that delivers exceptional edge corrosion in one coat.


The investment for the new R&D campus was 12,6 Mio. Euro. Image: AkzoNobel

Kategorie: News International, 13.03.2019

Research & Development innovation campus

AkzoNobel opened a brand-new lab complex which can test new products in conditions that mimic the world`s extreme environments.


Development in the coatings section: new joint venture, a new plant and a new sales partner.

Kategorie: News International, 13.03.2019

Mixed company news

In this article contains a summary of recent business events, this time featuring GB Neuhaus, M. A. M, Poma Systems and Deanestor.


Deanestor installed a new powder coating facility. Image: Deanestor

Kategorie: News International, 13.03.2019

Powder coating facility for furniture

As part of the investment of more than a milion Euro and the included expansion program, Deanestor has installed a new dedicated metal powder coating facility for specialist laboratory furniture at the production centre in Mansfield, UK.


New approaches for terahertz measurements of paint thickness are discussed in the new paper. Image: Pexels/Pixabay

Kategorie: News International, 13.03.2019

Nondestructive layer-thickness evaluation

David S. Citrin from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) has recently reported on a new approach for a paint thickness measurement technique.

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