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Ecolromat Impulse takes place in Berlin on the 7th of May 2019. Image: Rober-Owen-Wahl/Pixabay

Kategorie: News International, 09.07.2019

Ecolromat - Impulse

In 2019, decision-makers in rail vehicle coating meet in Berlin at Ecolromat Impulse. The conference is scheduled for the May 7th 2019. It covers international workshops on relevant, up-to-date train coating topics.


The chromate-free primer can be applied at the final assembly stage to virtually all external aircraft surfaces. Image: AkzoNobel

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

Chromate-free exterior for aircrafts

Newly qualified by Airbus and now included in the aircraft manufacturer’s specifications, "Aerodur HS 2121” is part of AkzoNobel’s latest generation decorative and selectively strippable system for aircraft exteriors.


Ceria nanoparticles with the barrier effect and active protection improved the protective behavior of the dual-layered coating. Image: Pexels/Pixabay

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

Corrosion protection of epoxy films on magnesium alloy

Experts from the Taribiat University in Iran have investigated the effect of cerium oxide (Ceria) nanoparticles existing in the external porous structure of microarc oxidation (MAO) coating on the protective behavior and adhesion strength of MAO/epoxy duplex coating implemented on AZ31 Mg alloy.


Tenova supplies the complete Annealing and Coating Line. Image: Tenova

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

U.S. Steel Košice places order to Tenova

The Slovakian company U.S. Steel Košice – one of the largest integrated steel producers in Central Europe – placed an order for the supply of an Annealing and Coating LIne (ACL) for dynamo steel strips to Tenova LOI Thermprocess, a worldwide leader in heat treatment lines and furnaces located in Essen, Germany


The fast color changing is one of the various advantages of the new system. Image: Nordson

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

White goods become colourful

BSH Electrodomésticos España recently replaced a 30 year old powder coating plant. The dense phase technology has resulted in an increase in quality while at the same time increasing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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