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The EPD is valid for five years. Image: Aluprof

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

For environmental protection

The Institute of Building Technology (ITB = Instytut Techniki Budowlanej) - a research company under the supervision of the Polish Ministry of Investments and Development - has issued Aluprof, a manufacturers of aluminium systems, with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of type III in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards.


THe DTM coating offers high-quality protection in the C3-M environment. Image: Pexels/Pixabay

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

Adhesion and anticorrosive properties of DTM

To reduce the steel structure corrosion protection costs, great efforts are currently made to develop new technologies that would reduce working time and extend service life of corrosion protection systems.


U.S. Naval Research Laboratory chemists developed a new topcoat which is safer for the environment and easier to apply. Image: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

Environmentally-friendly topcoat for aircraft

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s Center for Corrosion Science and Engineering developed a safe and user-friendly topcoat that was recently applied onto the exterior of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft.


The "Linex" system makes live verification of the pre-treatment cascade possible with little effort. Photo: Henkel / Washtec

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

In-line pretreatment control

 "It's really amazing what you can see with the new system," says Andreas Maslowski of Henkel. "I personally tested it in four coating plants and it has worked everywhere and added value."


SC Freda has invested in a UV-LED-based, intelligent coating line. Image: Efsen UV & EB Technology

Kategorie: News International, 05.07.2019

UV-LED based curing of lacquers on furniture parts

SC Freda, Lithuania's oldest furniture manufacturer, has started operating its new high-speed painting line for finished furniture parts.

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