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In the new paint shop is possible to coat 300.000 square meters per year. Image: Farmtech

Kategorie: News International, 25.10.2018

Farmtech opens new paint shop

The paint shop was built in less than nine months in accordance with the latest guidelines and was finished in the middle of October. The total value of the more than 2,000 square metre investment is around 4.2 million euros.


The Excellence Center opened its doors in October. Image: Stahl

Kategorie: News International, 25.09.2018

Stahl opens first Center of Excellence for Powder Coatings in Barcelona

Stahl opened its first Center of Excellence for Powder Coatings in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain. With this new Center of Excellence, Stahl strengthens its position regarding environmentally cautious UV and ULB powder coatings for heat-sensitive substrates for interior and architectural applications. The strategic location of this knowledge and testing center enables Stahl to accelerate its services for the main European markets.


Precise powder application and an easy inspection are simplified by light. Image: Nordson

Kategorie: News International, 25.09.2018

Nordson introduces Spray Gun LED Kit

For manual spray guns Nordson has invented "nLighten” a fast, convenient and safety-approved accessory that instantly adds the power of an LED light to the capabilities of the "Encore” manual range. "nLighten” powerfully and economically illuminates the surface being coated, for precise powder application and easy inspection and approval of work on the fly, even in the dustiest and darkest working environments.


SDF invested a total of 22 Mio Euro for the new plant. Image: SDF

Kategorie: News International, 25.09.2018

New painting plant for farm machinery

The new SDF assembly line and painting plant were completed early 2018 as part of a project to renovate the tractor assembly lines and create further production lines. The total investment amounts to 22 Mio Euros.


The new plant offers a high level of automation. Image: Krone

Kategorie: News International, 25.09.2018

Efficient chassis coating

The Krone Group recently put a new coating facility for chassis in operation. The company invested 40 million Euro in the surface treatment center. The coating facility was installed on an area of 16.500 square meter and includes a fully automatic chassis storage.

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