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News International: 13.01.2020

Furniture for future

mauser einrichtungssysteme is investing 8 million euros in a modern, 3,000 m2 thin-film powder coating plant which completely renounces the use of solvents.

This plant was commissioned in Korbach in July 2019. By means of a 5-zone pre-treatment with nanoceramic pre-coating, it enables thinner, more corrosion-resistant surfaces that can be implemented in all RAL colors. The quality of the surfaces is permanently increased by the outstanding property of powder coating with a 100% solid balance. The innovative extra-thin layer thickness with a simultaneously higher abrasion resistance provides an attractive appearance and saves 35% resources due to the reduced layer thickness. The lowered energy consumption for electricity and heating of the new powder coating line furthers the environmental advantages. Converted to a CO2 equivalent, approx. 730 tons per year are saved.

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