Sustainable future for coatings after biomass breakthrough

A world of possibilities for paints and coatings has been unlocked by research being conducted by AkzoNobel, in collaboration with the Dutch Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC).

Using light and oxygen and adding different alcohols produces monomers that can be polymerized into coatings using UV light. Image: George Hermens

The breakthrough innovation involves the development of a more sustainable way of making resins, which could pave the way for the introduction of futuristic functionality – such as intelligent paint that uses controlled release of active ingredients, or the ability to add new functionality during the lifetime of a coating. The new process uses bio-based monomers to make the resins, rather than the traditional oil-based. Requiring just UV light, oxygen and renewable raw materials, patent applications have already been filed for resins and coatings made with monomers derived from sugar derivatives isolated from biomass.

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