First application for graphene enhanced anti-corrosive coating

England’s Environment Agency (EA) has successfully completed its first application of a new new graphene enhanced Genable CX-based anti-corrosion primer for harsh environments by AGM.

AGM graphen anti corrosive coating
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AGM’s new coating system that was used to coat one of the EAs flood defence assets on the North East coast of England. This project is a further iteration of AGM’s product offerings for barrier performance and anti-corrosion application. It represents the culmination of 18 months of in-depth testing and evaluation of anti-corrosion performance for both salt-spray and immersion in harsh test regimes.

This first customer application on a coastal facility represents a major milestone in customer exploitation of AGM’s graphene-enhanced coatings systems for corrosion protection in harsh coastal environments. The coating of the EA’s asset is the first of several planned applications of the system.

Protection in harsh enviroments

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of AGM said: “After many years of product development and rigorous testing of example graphene formulations for a range of increasingly harsh corrosion environments, it is extremely gratifying to see the successful application of these coatings in harsh coastal and sea spray conditions.”

John Abraham of England’s Environment Agency said: “One area the EA is looking at, is how to lengthen the maintenance intervals on our Flood Risk Management (FRM) Assets, which will reduce our carbon footprint in maintenance activities.”

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