Dürr wins Innovation Award for smart analytics software

Dürr took the top position with the software products of the DXQanalyze family in the Industrie 4.0 Innovation award 2021. The smart software collects available data and evaluates it in order to derive suitable measures. Using machine learning, the software is thus able to detect possible errors in advance.

Dürr DX Analytics Software
DXQanalyze provides plant-specific and usage-dependent information and can forecast the remaining service life of plant components. Picture: Dürr

The renowned Innovation Award was announced and presented for the sixth time by VDE VERLAG in cooperation with the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) and the Industry 4.0 Standardisation Council. The focus is on products that contribute to digitalisation in industrial production.

Collect, evaluate, predict

The products of the DXQanalyze family collect available data such as process and workpiece information and evaluate it. In this way, possible quality defects on workpieces as well as impending wear of system components can be detected at the point of origin and suitable measures can be derived. This data is visualised and can be historically evaluated, partly in real time, over long periods of time.

In addition, large amounts of data, including historical data, can be combined with machine learning to continuously make accurate forecasts for the future. The DXQequipment.analytics application is used for this purpose. At a higher level, DXQplant.analytics evaluates the data and the documented workpiece quality and enables conclusions to be drawn about the operation of individual plants along the value chain. Since patterns are derived from the correlation of workpiece quality and process operation, it is possible to adjust plant operation at an early stage.

Machine learning for more transparency

By means of machine learning methods, the software products are able to detect and predict wear of components and anomalies in production systems on the basis of rules and data. As a result, the transparency of the operating behaviour of machines and systems reaches a new level. DXQanalyze provides plant-specific and usage-dependent information and can thus, for example, forecast the remaining service life of plant components or establish correlations between the quality result and the machining process.

Contribution to the digitalisation of industrial production impresses the jury

The award focuses on products that make an important contribution to industrial production. In a multi-stage voting process, the public and expert jury found that DXQanalyze more than fulfilled this criterion: The software can be used in new and existing plants, depending on the application. Installation at individual plants (on edge), in the company’s own network (on-premise) or in a cloud environment is supported. In the highest expansion level, the self-organisation of a plant is made possible, for example via access to the PLC level and the stopping of the production process. This enables the rapid elimination of problems and anomalies detected by DXQanalyze – without reject production.

More information: www.durr.com

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