New abrasive for optimal stock removal

The newly launched “Mirka Iridium SR” abrasive has an extremely long service life thanks to the evenly placed and efficient consistency of the silicon carbide grains. This creates a particularly stable and robust substrate.

Mirka abrasive coating
The new abrasive is aimed at finishing stages of automotive coatings. Picture: Mirka

Mirka Iridium SR enables a first-class, even cut and scratch pattern that can be polished out quickly and easily. The silicon carbide grains form new abrasive edges whenever they break during the grinding process, which means that the sharpness of Iridium SR is maintained for longer.

Aimed at the finest finishing stages of automotive refinishing and collision repair, as well as vehicle and transportation manufacturing, the new Iridium SR consistently delivers optimum results in clearcoat, topcoat and paint sanding, as well as composites processing. For unparalleled performance in spot repair work and finish quality control, Iridium SR is best combined with Mirka’s ergonomic AOS-B and AROP-B cordless tools.

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