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The metrology company EINES is currently installing twelve “Surface Paint Scanner Esφi” in German plants of Volkswagen, Ford and Mercedes-Benz. The new system allows to scan on a moving line for the first time. This ultimately leads to higher productivity and efficiency.

The measurement system is able to detect paint inclusions
The measurement system is able to detect paint inclusions Image: Eines

The system, which the manufacturer claims is revolutionary, uses machine vision to improve quality control in the automotive industry. The scanner can be configured for all current and future car bodies with similar dimensions.
The “EINES Esφi” employs new techniques and technologies that can precisely follow the geometries of vehicles. With high accuracy, it reliably detects paint inclusions, orange peel, pinholes and other minute paint defects, as well as dents and dings. The small dimensions of the measuring cell with its lightweight aluminum structure allow immediate installation on site without costly modifications to the conveyor system. This means that existing conveyors, transverse transfer cars or even lifters can be used. Since the system is free of moving parts, no additional safety equipment is required. The measuring cell is also free from mechanical wear, which in turn reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. The scanner can learn new colors automatically and autonomously. In addition, it is also capable of scanning two-tone painted car bodies.

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