Ecoclean introduces compact plug and play cleaning system

The new generation of the “EcoCcompact” cleaning system ensures that cleaning unit costs remain low while maintaining high cleanliness specifications.

Ecoclean EcCcompact cleaning system
The new "EcoCcompact" fulfils cleaning tasks from pre-cleaning Picture: Ecoclean 

With the new “EcoCcompact”, the systemmanufacturer Ecoclean focuses on equipment details such as a large batchcapacity, improved washing mechanics and media preparation, as well asenergy-optimised system technology with effective heat recovery. The minimisedspace requirement and the flexible changeover between hydrocarbons and modifiedalcohols contribute to the high economic efficiency and future-proofing of thecompact plug-and-play cleaning system from Ecoclean.

Increasingly stringent demands on component quality and morediversified product ranges make more complex and flexible solutions in partscleaning necessary. In order to produce competitively, it is also important tominimise resource consumption and unit cleaning costs while maintaining highcleaning performance. The new generation of the cost-efficient solvent system”EcoCcompact” has been adapted to these requirements. The compactplug-and-play solution, which requires a footprint of 3.2 x 1.6 x 2.45 m (L x Wx H), makes it possible to switch between hydrocarbons and modified alcohols(semi-polar solvents) easily and without conversion work during operation.

The system can be equipped with two or three fullyintegrated flood tanks, each of which has filtration in the feed and returnwith bag or high-performance filters as well as bypass filtration. Thisflexibility makes it possible to achieve needs-based results in short cycles,from preliminary to intermediate to final cleaning and preservation.

Due to the high flood volume, the components are completelyimmersed in the cleaning medium during the process. Powerful,frequency-controlled flood pumps not only ensure that the working chamber isfilled and emptied quickly. They also generate a high mechanical cleaningeffect during standard injection flood washing. This can be specificallysupported by an optionally integrable, frequency-controlled rotary drive forfabric rotation and positioning.

In addition to the high capacity and effective washingmechanics, the energy-optimised system technology also contributes to the higheconomic efficiency of the “EcoCcompact”. This includes the fact thatflood tanks two and three are heated by heat recovered from the distillationprocess. This is one of the ways in which energy consumption has beennoticeably reduced.

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