Surface finishing and heat treatment now eligible for EU aid

The EU Commission has included industry 25.61 “Surface finishing and heat treatment” in the Annex to the new EU State Aid Guidelines. This means that companies from these economic sectors are now eligible for energy subsidies.

Symbolfoto mit Strommast und Eurostück
Die Stromintensität der Unternehmen aus dem Wirtschaftszweig „Oberflächenveredlung und Wärmebehandlung“ ist nun nachgewiesen. Foto: ZVO

The European Commission approved the new guidelines for state aid for climate, environmental and energy protection on 21 December 2021. These will apply from the date of their formal adoption in January 2022. The existing system, which has been in force since 2014, has thus been amended. With the guidelines, the European Commission is therefore setting an updated framework for state aid in the form of support payments as well as benefits that can be granted to certain sectors by member states. In Germany, for example, this concerns the redistribution reduction in the EEG.

Until now, the economic sector 25.61 “Surface finishing and heat treatment” was not explicitly mentioned in the guidelines as a sector at risk and thus eligible for support. As a result, companies from this sector were not automatically included in existing relief from the EEG levy.

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