New GM Paint Shop 

GM Korea Company recently held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the new paint shop at its Changwon plant. It will support the production of next-generation global products. The new paint shop has three stories, with a total floor area of 80,000 m2. It is capable of painting 60 vehicles per hour and has implemented cutting-edge technology to ensure world-class quality, including the full automation of key processes.

The new paint shop has a capacity to paint up to 60 vehicles per hour. Image: GM

In the paint shop new paint materials are used. The eco-friendly facility concentrates and processes volatile organic compounds (VOC) through its water soluble system. In addition, its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system circulates air within the facility, recycling and saving energy. The paint shop has balanced convenience and productivity requirements for logistics and workers, with manual processes on the first floor, automated painting processes on the second floor and HVAC equipment on the third floor. Dust-inducing processes have been located as far away as possible from employees to protect their movement and painting work, ensuring higher quality. The paint shop has been designed to produce vehicles of different sizes such as the Chevrolet Spark mini car as well as larger vehicles including crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) in the future. The coating facility is capable of painting up to 60 vehicles per hour and carrying out different types of two-toned color painting. The paint shop is equipped with top-class domestic and international sealing and painting automation equipment in accordance with GM’s latest global standards. It is capable of performing flawless and uniform painting. The Hem Flange Sealing robotic process is being implemented in Korea for the first time.

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