Ecolromat 2021: Digital meeting place for rail vehicle coaters

On 17 June 2021, experts in industrial coating technology will present innovations in rail vehicle coating. The presentations will be done in German or English and subtitled vice versa. The topics covered are wide-ranging: From the latest plant technology to antimicrobial coatings and graffiti removal to contract coating of rail vehicle components, everything is included.

The topics at Ecolromat range from the latest plant technology Image: Editorial office

Immediately after the start of the online conference at 8:50 a.m., the event will offer its first highlight. The keynote will focus on Deutsche Bahn’s exciting project, the Advanced TrainLab. On this innovation train, five paint manufacturers were able to test optimized coating systems in practice. The experts of the respective paint manufacturers will report on details of the paint systems used in a subsequent discussion round. Quality assurance and efficiency are the core topics of the first series of lectures. Here, experts from Dürr will report on the latest plant technology, Matthias Harsch, LCS Life Cycle Simulation, will provide information on coating from a life cycle perspective and Dirk Michels, Fraunhofer IPA, will show how simulations can be usefully integrated into the process. Contract coating of railway components is also a topic in this block of lectures covered by Lars Walther, QIB. After the lunch break there is the topic block on innovative technologies. The lecture by Peter Boeijink from Xycrec offers a view for new opportunities, reporting on a coating technology developed for aircraft coating that can also be applied to the painting of other large-area vehicles like rail vehicles. A highly up-to-date subject is antimicrobial coating. A new technology that is suitable for train interiors will be presented in a lecture by Xaver Auer, Dyphox. The topic of graffiti removal will also be addressed. In the presentation by Dr. Matthias Gressenbuch, various practical applications will be shown. The day concludes with the final touch of the paint job – drying. How 5 wagons per day are no longer a problem will be explained in the presentation by Jörg Andres, IRT Prozesswärmetechnik, which will conclude the one-day conference, which will end at 3 pm.

The complete programme and the possibility to register for a fee can be found at: Join us digitally at ECOLROMAT 2021 and discuss the future of international rail vehicle coating at the conference.

Further information: Ecolromat, Astrid Günther, phone. +49 511 9910-323,,

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