New platinum powder coatings for architectural metals

PPG recently announced the introduction of “Coraflon Platinum” a powder coating for architectural extrusions and aluminum sheets. The patented coating technology offers high transfer efficiency rates of more than 20% and improved corrosion resistance compared to standard FEVE powder coatings.

The new coatings have been tested to meet standards like REACH. Image: Vicentz Network

The new powder coatings are available globally in a wide range of colors, glosses, including micas and metallic finishes, for metal building components and architectural applications that demand the industry’s highest levels of corrosion and weathering resistance. Additional color options include a wide range of eye-catching mineral tones and textures that mimic cement, stone, terracotta and other natural finishes. They offer architects an extended gloss range from five to 85 compared to 25 to 70 for standard FEVE powder coatings. This allows the coatings to achieve the look of anodized aluminum when specified in a matte (low-gloss) finish, all while providing corrosion resistance and long-term colorfastness not possible with the traditional anodized process. “Coraflon Platinum” coatings have been tested to meet strict environmental standards, including Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) standards in Europe.

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