AI in industrial paint shops

Until now, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) was only possible in industrial paint shops equipped with state-of-the-art robots. With an adapter, robots can now also be integrated into existing paint shops.

Dürr AI in industrial paint shops
Dürrs "DXQ" software enables users to use AI technology in their professional paint shops. Foto: Dürr

In order to increase application quality and system availability with the help of modern IT technologies, relevant machine data, e.g. axis positions and temperatures, or events such as alarms or start and end times of programmes, must be recorded in real time and transferred to a database.

In existing plants, operators are faced with the hurdle that most of their systems are not connectable due to their age, because only the younger generation of robots has the appropriate interface for data acquisition. The plant manufacturer Dürr has now presented a solution consisting of hardware and software components that connect to all currently common fieldbus technologies.

Better coatings with AI

One component of the “” software package used for this is the “Advanced Analytics” module. It uses AI to increase the overall equipment effectiveness in the paint shop. Dürr has now expanded this module for the Sealing trade by adapting the AI models that analyse the robot and process data for the specific requirements.

In the future, this combination will also make it possible to detect sources of error early and precisely with the help of AI in thick material application and to find optimal maintenance times. One example of this is the detection of so-called nozzle blockages. In this case, sealing material partially clogs the application nozzle, which leads to an altered material jet and subsequently to quality defects that have to be remedied by reworking. In contrast to classic control technology, the “DXQ” software detects this error and enables earlier intervention. 

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