Check coating thickness in real time

Coatmaster has announced the launch of a new, fully networked “coatmaster Flex” coating thickness measurement device that provides real-time, non-contact measurement.

Coatmaster Flex
The new “Coatmaster Fle”x offers better connectivity for contact less thickness measurements. Foto:  coatmaster

In addition to the already familiar Advanced Thermal Optics (ATO) measurement technology, the new devices now offer WiFi connectivity, an optimised battery management system and fundamentally revised software that enables better process controls and automation, according to the supplier. The fast and robust measuring process as well as the usual large measuring distance and high repeatability are retained. The WiFi module enables wireless connection to the cloud with a range of up to 100 m to the nearest access point – but the option to connect and operate the device with a local server remains. The state-of-the-art battery management system allows users to take even more measurements with every single charge.

Benefits of the revised software include automated email notifications with statistics on the production process, allowing better and more immediate control over coating quality and powder consumption. New production orders can be managed directly in the cloud – this means that the employees at the coating plant only have to measure. Thanks to bidirectional communication with the coating equipment, new orders can now also be automatically transmitted to the “coatmaster Flex”. Continuous information on the applied coating thickness is automatically synchronised with the coating or ERP systems of the customers – and all this without having to connect a cable or establish a Bluetooth connection.

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