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Sometimes power is unavailable, or severely limited to certain areas. This slows progress or brings a halt to work completely, leading to frustrations and missed deadlines. Graco now launched battery powered spray guns.

Graco sprayer
The GX21 Cordless is portable and ideal for smaller coating jobs Picture: Graco 

Generators are often expensive, not only in regard to purchase price but also with their regular fuel and maintenance costs. They are also heavy, bulky and difficult to move. Extension cords on the other hand limit movement and are a safety hazard.

Battery-powered tools on the other hand can be used anywhere on site. It avoids power failures – and thus damage to equipment.

Two new cordless sprayers

To meet these demands, Graco has launched two high-performance stationary cordless sprayers: the GX21 Cordless and the Classic 390 PC Cordless. With its lightweight, compact design, the GX21 Cordless is highly portable and thus ideal for smaller coating jobs. Thanks to the flexible suction hose, it sucks water- and oil-based primers, stains, acrylis, enamels, latexes, etc. from buckets of 1 to 30 liters. Its ProX piston pump is exceptionally durable, with a long service life, pumping at a maximum flow rate of 1.8 l/min and a maximum pressure of 207 bar.

The Classic 390 PC Cordless is a solid tool for medium-sized and small commercial projects. Its heart is the Endurance pump which lasts twice as long as comparable pumps and reaches a maximum pressure of 227 bar with a flow rate of 1.8 l/min. The Advantage drive train has hardened steel spur gears that ensure extremely quiet operation. The EasyOut pump filter reduces material clogs and guarantees a high-quality finish.

The two sprayers share a number of common features. The DeWalt 54V 6.0 Ah FlexVolt battery gives the possibility to spray up to 11.5 liters with one battery charge. Charging takes less than 60 minutes with the included quick charger. Both sprayers come with two batteries included in the box to avoid any downtime while spraying. Next to that, the powerful brushless motor ensures a longer battery life, while its lightweight, compact size makes it easily portable.

Both sprayers are equipped as standard with Graco’s RAC X Low Pressure SwitchTips. Not only do they guarantee a top-notch finish, but spraying with less pressure improves battery life and reduces overspray. Both sprayers are built around a strong steel frame that withstands the harsh environment of a construction site without making them heavy.

Both cordless sprayers offer the freedom to spray jobs where power is unavailable or inadequate, increasing uptime as well as the type and number of paint jobs possible. They offer industry-proven performance to ensure utmost productivity. And they improve jobsite safety from trip hazards, emissions and other restrictions.

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