New jetting technology provides better production control

Ultra-small volume dispensing adjustment and self-adjusting calibration enable the new jetting system to provide high repeatability in fluid dispensing, both from valve to valve and after maintenance.

Nordson piko jetting technology
The new jetting system is aimed at use-cases with extremly small dispensing needs. Picture: Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD has launched PICO XP, a new piezoelectric jetting system designed for precise, non-contact fluid dispensing from valve to valve and after maintenance, regardless of external factors such as temperature changes.

Often, dispensing performance changes in applications where consistent delivery of the correct amount of coatings, adhesives or sealants in each case is critical to meet customer requirements. In these applications, even a slight change in the internal geometry of the valve can affect the repeatability of fluid delivery. This is why different valves may have slightly different dispensing results despite having the same dispensing settings. Also for this reason, the dispensing result may differ slightly if the fluid body of the valve has been removed, cleaned for maintenance and then reinserted into the valve.

The PICO XP jetting system is equipped with a self-adjusting calibration control for variations in fluid body tolerances to ensure the same repeatability of micro-dosing from valve to valve and after maintenance.

Thanks to its unique sustained homing, the micro-dispensing setting (μm) can be self-regulated and maintained over long periods of time, regardless of environmental conditions such as temperature changes that can alter dispensing results over time.

The valve can be equipped with multiple fluid bodies that have different characteristics and nozzle diameters to meet customers’ unique and diverse application requirements.

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