New tool can render paints in different environments

Paint manufacturer Beckers launches Beckry Vista, a simulation tool that uses a mix of environmental and product data to create a digital rendering that matches physical reality extremely close.

Beckers renders paint in real enviroment
With the new rendering technology users can simulate Beckers products in different envirements and colours. Picture: Screenhot

Until now, simulations have only displayed how a coatingmight look in generic sunlight or under a standard D65 interior light. ‘Existingtools get close, but it’s an approximation, it’s not real,’ says VirginieVurpillot, the project leader. ‘The difference here is that the calculationsare based on the actual shades, textures and properties of the materials you’relooking at. It’s not generic.’

The software was developed by a French company, who Beckersbegan working with in 2016. This is the first time the technology has beenapplied to the industrial paint market. To create the simulation, a physicalsample is measured and characterized in terms of colour, texture and effect.This data is then fed into a configurator, which becomes increasinglysophisticated as more projects and more paint systems are added.

Paints in different enviroments

Users will be able to switch the lighting and perspective,try out different shades and finishes, and compare outcomes in a single view. “Forthe Coil Coating and Industrial Coating industries, Beckers will be the firstand only paint supplier offering digital rendering abilities that are creatingcutting-edge opportunities to serve our clients in new ways, furtherdistinguishing Beckers from our competition”, says Christophe Perin, VP CoilCoating South Europe.

Virginie Vurpillot points out that as well as demonstratingBeckers’ know-how, the tool brings customers into the decision-making processat critical stages: ‘In the context of specific projects, the tool will helpcustomers target which paints apply well to the project and which don’t,without having to conduct a line trial. Every configuration is a collaboration.The customer is absolutely involved and part of the process.’

More features planed

Looking ahead, future iterations could include renderingsbased on samples that have been exposed to UV, water or long-term weatherconditions, bringing considerations of durability and sustainable design intofocus.

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