Efficient lighting for paint shops 

In many paint shops T8 fluorescent tubes are used to put workpieces to be sanded and coated in the right light. From 1 September 2023, however, this light source may no longer be traded, and plant operators must provide alternatives.

New LED light for paint shop
The LED insert is completely wired and equipped. The modern component can be replaced with the old tube luminaire insert in just a few steps. Photo: Jung Leuchten

“In our experience, T8 fluorescent tubes have been and are frequently replaced by LED retrofit tubes,” reports Holger Mang. The marketing manager of Jung Leuchten GmbH points out that “this replacement invalidates the Ex approval of the entire luminaire.”

In the case of luminaires with approval for potentially explosive atmospheres, each component is tested, and the entire construction has a corresponding declaration of conformity for approval in potentially explosive atmospheres. If the approved light source of such a luminaire is replaced by a retrofit or LED tube, this Ex approval expires – with corresponding consequences in terms of occupational safety, explosion protection and liability. There is also a technical aspect.

A T8 fluorescent tube has a beam angle of 360° and a reflector integrated in the luminaire housing ensures that all the light reaches the room. LED retrofit tubes usually emit their light only at an angle of 120°. This means that no more light hits the reflector, the total luminous flux is reduced and the previously uniform light distribution is disturbed. Holger Mang recommends contacting the luminaire manufacturer and retrofitting existing luminaires with appropriately approved inserts and LED light sources. In this way, system operators can also reduce energy costs.

Further Information: www.jung-leuchten.de

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