Big Data with Terahertz sensors

das-Nano’s contactless “Irys” measuring system now offers support for analyses using Big Data technology.

das-Nano Teraherz sensor
Die Sensoren messen nicht nur die Dicke der gesamten Beschichtung Foto: Das-Nano

The sensors from das-Nano collect contactless data with the help of terahertz waves and thus provide information not only about the thickness of the entire coating, but also about the thickness of each individual coating layer, thus providing additional information about the quality of multi-layer structures. According to the manufacturer, calibration is not necessary. 

The new Big Data platform “das-Nano Analytics” for evaluating the coating thickness measurements as well as all other data of the coating process now provides coating companies with another tool to learn even more from the data. The platform relies on clear visualisations and simple interactive operating elements. 

It collects real-time and offline data from the painting process, such as product identification, colour, production line, production time or even coating thickness readings. In addition, it is possible to create customised graphical interfaces for each end user. For example, errors can be identified more easily, sending regular reports is possible automatically and a dashboard allows inputs to be made in real time.

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