Painting car bodies all-electrically

GeicoTaikisha is currently launching the “Sustainable Paintshop” project, which is to be completed by 2030. The goal of realising a paint shop that uses energy without emitting CO2 is a milestone in this project.

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With the "Pardis project" Photo: Geico

The company has already taken a first step in this direction with the “Pardis project” in 2017. Here, a completely energy-autonomous paint shop with a 70% reduction in energy consumption was presented. The technology shift to an all-electric paint shop brings both ecological and economic advantages. Compared to combustion-based systems, all-electric systems are more reliable, more energy-efficient and require less maintenance.

Among the biggest energy guzzlers in the paint shop are the heated pretreatment stages. The pre-treatment stages can also be supplied with electrically heated hot water up to a heat requirement of 400 °C. Instead of the conventional natural gas burner, an electric boiler or a direct electric circulation heater can be used. By operating with carbon-free electricity, the emission of greenhouse gases at the industrial site is significantly reduced.

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