146 robots for China

Dürr is building a new turnkey paint shop for the Chinese car manufacturer Chery Automobile for the flexible production of various models and drive systems. The focus is on intelligent networking and traceability of all process sequences, which will be achieved through a wealth of software solutions from the “DXQ” product family. 

Highly mobile and precise: Among the 92 painting robots are 16 "EcoRP E043i". Picture: Dürr

Commissioning of the plant is planned for 2023. From standard car bodies to SUVs, numerous vehicle categories will be painted there. The paint shop is designed in such a way that it can be expanded in the future and also used for two-tone painting. The plant should be ready for operation within eight months. Then up to 60 car bodies per hour will leave the paint shop.

92 painting robots

Dürr is equipping the new paint shop with a robot ensemble. Among the 92 painting robots are 16 “EcoRP E043i” and four “EcoRPL043i”. These robots, which are highly mobile thanks to their seventh axis, can reach even hard-to-reach places inside the car body. “EcoBellCleaner D2” clean the high-rotation atomisers from the outside within the cycle time. At the same time, colour changes and cleaning of the paint channels inside the atomiser take place, so that the system is ready for the next painting job after 15 seconds. In addition, there are 38 sealing robots, which take over all gluing and sealing processes, and four corresponding cleaning robots.

The painting system is created in interaction with the “DXQ.” software products. Dürr uses “DXQcontrol.” for the higher-level control of the plant. The software allows the life cycle of each car body to be seamlessly tracked. The human-machine interface “DXQequipment.operation” enables visualization and monitoring of the individual processes from any device. In addition to these, numerous other modules from the “DXQ” portfolio are used, which ensure the fully automated operation of the paint shop.

More information: www.durr.com

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