New material pressure regulators

Krautzberger has presented a new product series of “XLINE” material pressure regulators that offer a multiple advantages like a compacts construction.

Krautzberger preassure regulators
The new material pressure regulators complement the "XLine" product range - on the left the "FPR 2" Picture: Krautzberger

According to the manufacturer, the new generation of material pressure regulators are characterised by their modern design, compact construction and long service life. Various features and the latest technology are adapted to practical applications and complement the new material pressure regulators of the “XLINE” product range. The “FPR 2” and the “FPR 6” both offer fine material quantity adjustment. Especially with the help of a reduction, a precise and exact regulation of the material quantity is possible.

In addition to the regular 1:1 ratio, the reduction ratios 1:2 or 1:5 are available. According to Krautzberger, the manufacturing and testing processes integrate a 100 percent functional test of the new material pressure regulators.

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