Adhesion and anticorrosive properties of DTM

To reduce the steel structure corrosion protection costs, great efforts are currently made to develop new technologies that would reduce working time and extend service life of corrosion protection systems.

THe DTM coating offers high-quality protection in the C3-M environment. Image: Pexels/Pixabay

Due to an increasing use of the “direct to metal” (DTM) system for corrosion protection of steel structures, this system was tested in the scope of this study and compared with the systems involving the use of primer coating. Manual and automated pretreatment was used. The tests were carried out on three types of corrosion protection systems. On the basis of among others salt spray tests, climate chamber corrosion tests and thickness measurements, it can be concluded that the DTM coating used offers high-quality corrosion protection in the C3-M environment. However, it is susceptible to delamination in the damage zone and therefore does not provide reliable protection as a two-layer coating system for structures of steel structures exposed to mechanical defects during installation.

Further information: J Dijkstra, Dirk & Brock, Thomas & Wilde, HeinzWilhelm. (2019). PU coatings. Polymer International. 68. 823-825. 10.1002/pi.5805.

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