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Canadian robot software provider RoboDK has teamed up with automation specialists RobCo S.W.A.T. from Bulgaria to provide the world’s leading automotive experts with Industry 4.0 solutions.

Image: Robodk

RoboDK offline programming and simulation software gives automation cell designers robot simulation possibilities and supports simultaneous simulations of bespoke hardware devices alongside leading robot brands. In a recent project for Mercedes-Benz (Daimler AG) RobCo S.W.A.T. used RoboDK software to simulate ABB and Motoman robots working on a range of automotive manufacturing tasks including assembly and painting. RoboDK’s software library supports more than 500 robots from 50 manufacturers, including FANUC, Yaskawa, Universal Robots and KUKA. This gives end users the ability to configure and test automated cells in a safe environment and within the same software ecosystem.  Additionally, RoboDK software provides plugins for SolidWorks, Mastercam, Inventor, Fusion 360, FeatureCAM, MecSoft and SolidEdge. Car manufacturers use industrial robots for a huge range of tasks e.g. painting and surface coating to glue dispensing and inspection, all of which can be simulated within RoboDK software.

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