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ATL-Beschichtungsanlage bei Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH in Lüneburg
Implementierung einer ATL-Beschichtungsanlage in eine bestehende Pulverbeschichtungsanlage
Im Sommer 2021 stellte Aalberts Surface Technologies eine Anfrage an uns, ob es möglich sei, eine ATL-Beschichtung in eine bestehende Pulverbeschichtungsanlage zu integrieren.
Die Situation ergab sich aus der Vorgabe eines Kunden von Aalberts, die Werkstücke (medizinische Geräte) mit einem exakt definierten System zu beschichten. MEHR


AkzoNobel launches low-energy powder coating

Akzo Nobel just launched a new architectural powder coating which can be cured at temperatures as low as 150° C, while still being Qualicoat class one certified.

Poweder oating Architecual use
The new powder coatings is aimed at use for architectual appliances. Picture: Akzo Nobel

Curing at temperatures about 30°C lower than many traditional powder coatings means that the new “Interpon D1036 Low-E” can help paint shops to cut energy consumption by as much as 20%, states Akzo Nobel. It can also cure up to 25% faster than conventional powders, allowing for more products to be coated in less time.

Akzo backes up the product’s sustainability credentials by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), an independently verified assessment of a product’s environmental impact across its whole lifespan. “At a time when every business is looking to play its part in reducing energy and accelerating sustainability, the new powder coating will support our customers in reducing their carbon emissions – as well as helping us to achieve our own target of a 50% carbon reduction across the value chain by 2030,” explains Jeff Jirak, Director of the company’s Powder Coatings business.

The new range is suited to many areas of the built environment, inside and out, from building facades and windows to railings and doors – or any application where an architectural certified product is typically applied. Its key features include excellent levels of durability to protect colour integrity and performance.

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