Antimicrobial additives for powder coated surfaces

Researchers recently investigated the effect and durability of silver containing antimicrobial coatings.

Image: Pexels / Pixabay

The efficiency of these additives depends on the release of the active component (silver ions) embedded in the coated surfaces. Fabrication and analysis of antimicrobial additives to powder coating were investigated in this research. An ion exchange process was used to incorporate the silver and copper ions into the synthetic zeolite LTA. Salts of these active agents in different combinations were tested to optimize the antimicrobial additives by achieving the highest concentration of active components. Yellowing and non-durable problems of this type of coating were studied and solutions are proposed and examined. The improved additives from this study showed excellent antimicrobial efficiency and durability. Toxicity produced from the coated surface was proved from LDH analysis.

Further information:
Yeasmin, Rezwana & Zhang, Hui & Zhu, Jesse (Jingxu) & Cadieux, Peter. (2019). Fabrication and analysis of antimicrobial additives for powder coated surface. Progress in Organic Coatings. 127. 308-318.

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