Coatings for heavy duty and marine

Coating manufacturer Hempel recently launched a new antifouling coating for marine applications as well as a new epoxy primer for heavy duty equipment and trucks.

New products for big applications in marine and heavy duty are now on the market. Image: Free-Photos/Pixabay

“Hempaprime Shield 700 HS” is specifically designed to optimize production. The two-component high solids epoxy primer exhibits good adhesion to ferrous metals and substrates and delivers long term corrosion resistance in the harshest environments. Its is fast drying and has short minimum overcoat intervals without compromising the high-volume solids content. The robust coating provides improved crack and wrinkle resistance even at a high dry film thickness. It dries to a smooth finish without the need for sanding. The low VOC content makes the product environmentally friendly as well as safer for the applicators and meets all legislative requirements. The product is now available in Europe after its recent launch in North America.
The second new product is a antifouling coating designed to deliver effective protection for marine applications for up to 60 months. “Globic 7000” incorporates a biocide mix to guard against both hard and soft fouling. With an improved performance against slime and algae it is suitable for wide operational conditions including slow steaming and long idle periods. The product is based on Hempel`s patented Nano acrylate technology. It provides a fine polishing control mechanism to bring the integral biocides to the surface at a stable rate to ensure a clean hull over the entire service life period.The unique technology allows the coating to start working as soon as the hull meets the water to deliver full and immediate antifouling protection. The coating also incorporates Hempel’s patented microfibers for high mechanical strength. The microfibers increase the coating’s resistance to abrasion and impact damage. This strengthening of the coating minimizes the area required for blasting and accordingly reduces maintenance costs during dry docking.

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