Compact painting robot for industry

During the development of new special paints, WB Coatings reached its limits when it came to the usual manual application. That’s when the global paint and coating manufacturer came up with what seemed a rather unconventional idea for its industry:

Source: Dürr

to add a compact painting robot from Dürr to its lab. This enables fully reproducible coating layer thicknesses in the µ range that are essential in the development of chrome-effect paint systems, for example.

The pre-installed, ready-to-paint robot from Dürr is a professional solution for automated paint application. With coordinated and tested components, it is tailored to the requirements of the general industry – a combination that makes it unique on the market. WB Coatings is the first paint manufacturer to use the “ready2spray” robot in the development of its new products. A new product applied with the robot is an chrome-effect paint that can be used, amongst others, for vehicle interiors. WB Coatings achieves this effect using paint systems consisting of one, two or three coating layers. “Without using a robot, we would not have been able to develop these new paint systems as a chrome-free alternative for shiny, silver-colored surfaces. The challenge is to apply the coating layers of the chrome-effect paint very evenly. And the three-layer paint system in particular needs very thin, reproducible coating layers of 2 to 3 µm. This is something even highly experienced hand painters can’t achieve,” explains Andreas Ohletz, Head of Sales for Innovations at WB Coatings.

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