Cross-cut testers with automatic reset

The measuring device manufacturer mtv messtechnik has revised the cross-cut testers of the “CC 1000” and “CC 3000” series. Depending on the version, the now green anodised hand-held testers cover all common cutting distances between 0 and-250 µm completely or partially.

mtv cross cutter for coating adhesion testing
Cross-section with the new testing device for determining the adhesive strength and elasticity of a surface. Photo: mtv Messtechnik

At the same time, they are suitable for any substrate. The spectrum ranges from metal to plastic and glass to wood. Both device series cover all relevant cross-cutting standards such as DIN EN ISO 2409, ASTM D 3359 or DAIMLER DBL 5416/7384. Their unique selling point on the market results from their movable cutting head and from the automatic reset. The cross cutters of the CC 1000 series have only one cutting edge, the CC 3000 product line has have circular blades with up to eight cutting edges.

Ergnomic cross-cutting

mtv messtechnik has trimmed both series for ergonomics and easy handling. For example, all of the company’s cross-cut testers are equipped with an automatic reset. As part of the product, a practical carrying case comes with the respective device, an illuminated magnifying glass, a medium-hard brush (depending on the model version) and an Allen key. The latter is used to change the cutting tool. It is recommended to replace the cutting edge after 200 to 500 grid cuts – depending on the hardness of the substrate.

In addition to the revised series, mtv messtechnik has testers in its range that are optimally designed for curved surfaces with their flexible, individually mounted blades. The Erftstadt-based manufacturer markets these as the “CC 5000” series. In addition, it offers customised stationary and motor-driven units that are mounted on a turntable or guided by a mechtronic, for example. Other accessories and spare parts such as cutting knives for the aforementioned product lines are also offered by mtv companies.

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