Dip painting plant for steel parts

Plant manufacturer Rippert has installed a state-of-the-art dip painting plant at Stelweld Sp. Z o.o. (PL) for welded assemblies, pipe structures and crane parts, which ensures that the workpieces are coated to automotive standards.

Image: editorial staff

Stelweld is a specialised company with a focus on machining, welding and painting of large steel structures for the automotive, railway, mining and engineering industries. The product carriers optionally move into the blasting machine where welding residues, scale and laser oxide residues are removed. The carriers then enter a 12-zone dip/spray pre-treatment plant (incl. zinc phosphating), which, with the subsequent thick layer of coating, provides a corrosion protection level of > 1000 h DIN 9227 salt spray mist exposure. The P&F conveyor technology allows many variations in the material flow, such as the removal of the product carriers from the process after degreasing in order to move into the blasting plant or the powder coating application planned for later.

Further information: www.rippert.de

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