Dürr supplies painting technology for new plant in China

Efficient, sustainable and high-quality technology is the focus at Beijing Benz Automotive Co, Ltd. (BBAC) in all production facilities, including the paint shop now being converted for BBAC in Beijing.

Image: Dürr

Having been a partner for all three paint shops in BBAC’s established local production hub in Beijing’s Yizhuang industrial park, Dürr will supply its high-quality painting technology and digital solutions also for the new production site in the capital city’s Shunyi district.
The current expansion project builds on an existing production facility of the Chinese manufacturer BAIC that was transferred to the joint venture BBAC. The sites paint shop was also originally built by Dürr. At the new BBAC plant, local models tailored to Chinese customers’ needs, including electric products from Mercedes-Benz’s EQ brand, will leave the production line. When it comes to resource-saving plant technology and high quality painting, the premium car manufacturer relies on trusted products that Dürr has already installed at the first BBAC production site: The “EcoDryScrubber” will ensure environmentally friendly paint separation. The technology binds the overspray with limestone powder in a process involving no water or chemicals. This means that the painting booth can be operated with more than 80% recirculated air, which in turn lowers air conditioning costs and offers energy savings of more than 60% in the spray booth. For pretreatment and cathodic electrocoating, BBAC will use the rotational dip process “RoDip. The rotation of the bodies around their own axis enables shorter immersion tanks in comparison with other conveyor technologies, which takes up less space and consumes less energy, water and chemicals. The main actors of the fully automated paint shop are painting and sealing robots along with “EcoBell” atomizers for high-quality and most efficient paint application. A total of 90 robots will work on the Mercedes-Benz fleet in Shunyi. Of these, 20 painting robots and 18 sealing robots are new to the plant. The digital core of the plant will be the “DXQproduction.control MES” software for production control. Monitoring, tracking, and individually configurable reporting are important elements in efficient process control and optimization. This solution is the basis for further advances in the area of Industry 4.0. The BBAC plant in Shunyi will start operation in September 2020. 

Further information: www.durr.com

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