Efficiency increase and cost reduction in powder coating

Nordson now offers the "Dynamic Contouring Mover (DCM)” system, another powder coating feature for its automatic Encore HD spray systems.

Image: Nordson

This, combined with the soft spray increases the automatic coverage of complex forms and achieves a high process control in your powder coating application. The “DCM System” automatically detects the product geometry and delivers superior coating performance by adjusting the position of each spray gun – and all this without any programming.
Product geometries are scanned with a high level of accuracy detecting protrusions larger than 5 mm at a line speed of up to 5 m/min*. The information is quickly processed by the “PowderPilot HD system” controller and sent to the “DCM”. The smooth operation of the system has a positioning speed of up to 500 mm/s and accuracy of ± 1 mm to bring the soft spray to the optimum distance of the target product surfaces. The result is superior coverage of complex shapes.

Further information: www.nordson.com/ics

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