Efficient chassis coating

The Krone Group recently put a new coating facility for chassis in operation. The company invested 40 million Euro in the surface treatment center. The coating facility was installed on an area of 16.500 square meter and includes a fully automatic chassis storage.

The new plant offers a high level of automation. Image: Krone
The new plant offers a high level of automation. Image: Krone -

In the applied coating process, the chassis first pass through a sandblasting system, followed by a cascading sequence of basins consisting of several rinses, a trication zinc phosphating and a passivation, before they are lowered into the cathodic dip coating. The coatings are cross-linked in on of ten furnaces. The exhaust air is thermally post-treated and the resulting waste heat is intelligently fed back into the process. After the basic coating, the chassis are temporarily stored in the so-called sequencer – until the automatic color control determines the optimum time for the customer-specific powder coating. Afterwards the powder coatings are cross-linked in the respective furnaces. The finished components are then ffed to the pre-assembly stage.

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