Efficient furniture coating

Furniture manufacturer Kvänum Kök has invested in a"Ven Spray Comfort” from Venjakob.

Image: Venjakob

Kvänum Kök invested in a new coating line in order to make the whole coating process more efficient while maintaining the same quality level. In addition to a brushing machine and drying system, the spray coating machine was to be replaced. “The previous machine had been in use for 15 years and required more and more maintenance,” explains Andreas Persson, project manager Kvänum Kök. Due to the fact that a spray coating machine is the heart of a coating line, the final decision to invest was preceded by intensive market research. Sister company Vedum Kök, which has been using a Venjakob machine for some time, was interviewed in detail. “In the end it was the combination of good machine references, the recommendation of the paint manufacturer and the service offer of Venjakob’s trading partner Jon Stenberg that tipped the scales in favor of investing in Ven Spray Comfort,” says Persson.
The new spray coating machine is equipped with a modern color management system that enables fast color changes of multi-component coatings. The system is so flexible that smaller batch sizes are also processed that were previously sprayed by hand. Persson views this as a great advantage: “By making fixed settings in the machine, we can ensure the quality and reproducibility of the surfaces. Due to good cooperation of all involved parties, it was possible to integrate the new spray-painting machine into the overall system within the scheduled time window.

Further information: www.venjakob.de

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