Focus on cathodic dip painting

The flow drill joining concept (FDJ) allows the load adjusted joining of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics (FRTP) and metallic sheets without auxiliary joining elements.

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In terms of their use in automotive lightweight construction, an important requirement for joining technologies is the resistance to temperature loads and chemicals, e.g., in the coating process. Therefore, force flux aligned FDJ-joints were investigated in cross tension and shear testings, after passing through a serial cathodic dip painting process. The results show that the dip coating does not adversely affect the quasi-static properties of the FDJ-joints.

Further information:
Gerstenberger, Colin & Osiecki, Tomasz & Timmel, Tristan & Kroll, Lothar. (2018). Influence of cathodic dip painting on the mechanical strength of material-adapted composite/metal joints. Polimery. 63. 750-754. 10.14314/polimery.2018.11.2.

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