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In October, Dürr announced the construction of a new highly automated paint shop in Vietnam for VinFast, a start-up of the VinGroup. The VinFast brand is the group’s first foray into the mobility market, which offers enormous growth potential due to the strong increase in demand for vehicles in Southeast Asia. VinFast intends to establish itself with various models delivering best-in-class quality and produced in a factory equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables transparent, lean processes.

The paint shop is also designed for the coating of electric vehicles. Image: Dürr
The paint shop is also designed for the coating of electric vehicles. Image: Dürr -

VinFast commissioned Dürr to handle this project. “Our paint shop will be the biggest in Vietnam, and highly automated through the integration of numerous IIoT applications. This makes it the benchmark for outstanding quality combined with the lowest operating costs, the highest ecological standards, and a high level of occupational safety,” explains James Deluca, CEO of VinFast Trading and Production Company. The VinGroup constructed the building for the paint shop in a record time of of eight months. The layout minimizes the investment and operating costs, not least since it only needs two levels and no so-called penthouse. The compact design enabled the concreted area to be reduced by approx. 15,000 square meters. VinFast’s requirement of maximum automation of production processes and logistics is met with IIoT-capable machines from end to end. They are comprehensively controlled, monitored, and supervised in real time using control technology from Dürr. This makes it possible to test and optimize the overall equipment efficiency (OEE), for example. 
Just how precisely the paint shop technology meets the requirements of VinFast is demonstrated by the oven. The “EcoInCure” oven achieves the very good quality when it comes to the top coat appearance thanks to its heating process from the inside out and optimized air flow. Each body gets a digital quality certificate for the drying process. The data from the IIoT-capable oven is collected and evaluated by the control technology for this. In addition, “EcoInCure’s” space-saving transverse mode of operation in combination with a central high-bay warehouse makes it ideal for the compact building concept. The principle of heating from the inside is particularly beneficial for bodies with different material thicknesses. The innovative “EcoInCure” drying method significantly reduces thermal component stresses compared with conventional ovens.
The new VinFast paint shop will also be equipped with the latest generation of the fully automatic “Ecopaint” robot. This includes the extremely mobile painting robots with seven-axis kinematics, which do not need a rail. This saves space and investment costs. Equipped with a whole range of sensors, they are prepared for the requirements of an Industry 4.0 environment. The robots supply real-time data that is analyzed and evaluated using the latest software products from Dürr.

Further information:www.durr.com

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