In-line pretreatment control

 "It’s really amazing what you can see with the new system," says Andreas Maslowski of Henkel. "I personally tested it in four coating plants and it has worked everywhere and added value."


“Linex” is an imaging process. A camera, protected by a waterproof box made of PE, is driven through cleaning and pretreatment plants on the conveyor technology available on site. In order to ensure optimum conditions, the system is equipped with its own lighting. Thus, the recording station passes through the pre-treatment tunnel – and permanently records image material. The process can be continuously monitored from the outside in HD quality via W-Lan and mobile phone. A live check of the nozzles for dirt or blockages is therefore easy to implement. The camera is either mounted fixed or in a flexible way. With the latter variant it is possible to determine the image area directly by head movements using VR. The only thing to note is that the camera must be suspended in front of the water dryer.
After completion of the measurement, the recording can be transferred to a data network using a W-Lan or USB cable for documentation purposes. How much time is to be expected? “For the preparation about 10 minutes, the suspension is comparable with the normal product suspension. Depending on the cabin, the system has to pass the pre-treatment 2-4 times. We calculate a maximum of 1 ½ h for this,” explains Maslowski.  The system is currently available on loan from Henkel. “Depending on demand, however, a sales model would also be conceivable,” says Maslowski.

To view a video of the measurement, please click here:

Further information: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Düsseldorf, Andreas Maslowski, Tel. +49 151 6801 1954,,

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