Innovative excimer plant

In order to provide an optimum support for the excimer technology, paint manufacturer Adler has upgraded its application technology with a high-performance excimer system.

Reinhard Huber working at the innovative excimer system. Image: Adler

The company invested a medium six-figure euro amount for this. Applying the innovative technology a paint film is treated with short-wave excimer radiation under exclusion of oxygen. These rays cause micro-folding of the uppermost paint layer. This ensures a perfectly mat appearance due to the light reflection. The advantages are obvious: mat gloss levels from 3 to 20 without matting agents and an extremely scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and hard surface. The Adler development team has been working on this coating technology for several years. “Thanks to this experience, we can guarantee our customers not only optimum advice, but also the right low-emission UV coatings,” says Development Manager Reinhard Guem. The range of colorless and pigmented excimer coatings for many types of application is thus to be expanded step by step: “One central topic is excimer coatings for rolling and casting applications. Coatings for spray application are also possible, making this technology useful not only for board manufacturers but also for kitchen, furniture or wooden window manufacturers”. The new excimer system plays a central role: new formulations can be tested extensively here under practical conditions and solutions can be worked out even faster.

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