Intelligent inspection system for valves

For easy leakage detection of valves without interrupting the production process, Mobile, provider of explosion-proof mobile devices, has developed the mobile inspection system “Valve Sense” together with strategy partner Senseven

Valve inspection device from mobile
The mobile inspection system detects leaks with high accuracy. Photo:

Industrial customers can now use this software and AI-based system in conjunction with Mobile’s IS540.1 smartphone to monitor critical plant valves in hazardous areas. According to the supplier, this solution uses advanced sensor technology based on the proven acoustic emission method, which can be easily applied via software guidance.

Companies can use the mobile inspection set, consisting of a smartphone, measurement electronics, waveguide, sensors and a software package, to regularly check their plants during ongoing production, thus saving time and money. In plants, valve inspection is an important part of maintenance.

Safe leakage measurment in harsh condistions

Depending on the process, there is often a harsh operating environment with high temperatures, corrosive chemicals and abrasive particles. This can lead to valve damage and associated unplanned plant downtime. An estimated five to ten percent of all industrial valves leak.

Regular in-house valve maintenance allows companies to replace valves only when they are truly defective. Intact valves ensure smooth operation, guarantee product quality and also provide safety for employees. Valve Sense helps to detect valve leakages of water, gas, steam or air at an early stage

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