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ATL-Beschichtungsanlage bei Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH in Lüneburg
Implementierung einer ATL-Beschichtungsanlage in eine bestehende Pulverbeschichtungsanlage
Im Sommer 2021 stellte Aalberts Surface Technologies eine Anfrage an uns, ob es möglich sei, eine ATL-Beschichtung in eine bestehende Pulverbeschichtungsanlage zu integrieren.
Die Situation ergab sich aus der Vorgabe eines Kunden von Aalberts, die Werkstücke (medizinische Geräte) mit einem exakt definierten System zu beschichten. MEHR


New low-pressure spray gun for fast color changes

Dürr and HSM Lackiersysteme partnered to develop a new low-pressure spray gun with a rapid-change system for the color channel, the spray gun is ready to use again within seconds after changing colors without solvents.

Dürr spray gun
The highlight of the new paint gun is the rapid and solvent-less changing system. Picture: Dürr

Like all Dürr low-pressure spray guns, the latest model, the “EcoGun ACE”, has a robust design well suited for industrial use. It provides a demonstrably exceptional spray pattern with excellent application efficiency and simplifies color changing with quick exchange injector nozzles. A particularly robust and spill-proof cup system from HSM Lackiersysteme enhances the new product.

The cup system incorporates both a safety lock and a soiling guard, to ensure good legibility of the measuring scales at all times. The highlight of the new spray gun is an innovative, rapid-change system for the color channel, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Significant time and solvent savings

Previous feed cup spray guns are equipped with a cup that holds paint. When it’s time to change color, the cup must either be flushed and refilled or replaced with a new cup containing the appropriate color. In addition, all the channels that carry color between the cup and nozzle require flushing to prevent paint contamination or commingling.

This process is very time-intensive and requires solvent use. This new spray gun features an innovative system that enables much faster color changes. This system replaces the entire color channel, including the nozzle, quickly and easily, so the spray gun is ready for use again within a few seconds for time savings of 90% compared with conventional low-pressure guns. It even makes solvent use obsolete.

Optimal for finishing sector and adjacent areas

“In partnership with HSM, we are pleased to offer a very user-friendly product that sets new standards for low-pressure guns,” reiterates Ulrich Tautz, Senior Sales Manager of Industrial Products at Dürr. “Our spray guns will make painting easier, particularly for applications with small amounts of varnish and lots of color changes are the norm.” The spray gun is distributed directly by Dürr and its partners.

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