New painting plant for farm machinery

The new SDF assembly line and painting plant were completed early 2018 as part of a project to renovate the tractor assembly lines and create further production lines. The total investment amounts to 22 Mio Euros.

SDF invested a total of 22 Mio Euro for the new plant. Image: SDF
SDF invested a total of 22 Mio Euro for the new plant. Image: SDF -

Thanks to the important changes through 2018, SDF will be equipped with an extremely flexible and completely renovated plant that meets the highest quality standards and can guarantee autonomy for the production of key components. In the first phase of the renovation the painting plant was completely renovated and separated from the production lines, which allowed the assembly lines to be extended and increased the number of workstations for each individual line. The new plant first cleans the individual assembly using five different steps to prepare the surface being treated. Next, the assembly is robotically dried before cutting edge robot arms apply a two-component base coat followed by a two-component clear coat. Finally, the paint is baked at 80°C. Overall, the new plant has significantly improved quality, doubling the main tractor body’s resistance to corrosion. Once the project is completed in September 2018, the SDF plant in Treviglio will have two identical assembly lines, with a single painting plant for both, and a production capacity of 100 tractors per shift.

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