Optimum blasting of heavily stressed components

Krausz Industries in Tel Aviv, Israel is a manufacturer and marketer of products and services for the transport, distribution and measurement of water. The company recently installed a new blasting system.

Source: AGTOS

The company’s entire portfolio is exposed to high stress and therefore high demands on corrosion resistance.For the blasting technology upstream of the coating, this means that the required high roughness values must always be the same in order to keep the quality of the products consistently high. AGTOS supplied an overhead monorail blasting system type “HT 17-17” for this purpose. The new machine has a blasting chamber with a height and width of 1700 mm. The hangers can be equipped with many different workpieces. Three high-performance turbines with 11 KW each throw the abrasive onto the workpieces. Due to the requirement of high RZ values, angular grain is used in the blasting process. This medium is highly effective but the machine must be very well protected against wear. For this reason, the body is additionally protected in the area of the blasting chamber with easily exchangeable wear plates. Due to increasing workloads, the management decided to defuse the bottle-neck of the blasting plant by a second machine of the same size. Just as with the first blasting plant, the high-performance turbines of the second plant are also equipped with frequency converters. These enable the blasting intensity to be infinitely adjusted and thus adapted to all requirements of the many different workpieces.

Further information: www.agtos.de

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