PPG introduces new powder primer series for high corrosion protection

PPG today announced the launch of the new “Envirocron Primeron” primer powder portfolio, designed to provide high corrosion resistance for metal substrates including steel, hot-dip-galvanized steel, metalized steel and aluminum.

powder coating for corrosion protection.
The new primer powder portfolio is designed to provide high corrosion resistance for metal substrates. www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com

“Use of PPG Envirocron Primeron primer in a multi-layer system offers optimal corrosion protection and is key to extending a product’s lifespan and preserving its structural integrity”, said Lorenzo Soldavini, PPG technical manager powder, EMEA

The PPG Envirocron Primeron primer powder portfolio has been tested according to the corrosivity categories and approved by the Qualisteelcoat international quality label for coated steel. The series covers a wide range of requirements depending on end use, operating environment and the substrate use.

The range comprises of a zinc-rich powder primer offering strong corrosion protection, a pro-version functioning as a solid basic primer for strong corrosion protection regardless of the pre-treatment method that offers good mechanical performance with a well-balanced property profile. A “Edge” version offers high corrosion protection for substrates with sharp edges and is optimised for degassing substrates. And the “Flex” coating provides very good corrosion protection for multiple substrates including aluminum and different pre-treatment methods.

More at: www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com

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