Quality control inline

The "CWS 640" from QISAB allows to measure surface quality parameters inline  – directly in the process.

Picture: QISAB
Picture: QISAB -
Overview “CWS”-System
  • Robust for in-line process measurements
  • Large surface: 4×4 mm
  • Fast: <0.2 sec/area
  • Simultaneous measurements of:
    • Surface quality (10-700 nm)
    • Gloss (< 10 nm)
    • Structure
    • Asymmetry
    • Structural angle
  • Measured parameters directly coupled to ISO standard
  • Equivalent rate 2 GHz  à True automatization possible

 The new technology is based on coherent laser light scattering and can be used for fast process feedback. “We are bringing the laboratory into the production line,” explains Peter Larsson, Managing Director at QISAB. The laser measurement method can be used among other things to determine surface roughness, structure or gloss levels. Applications are for example possible in the automotive sector or in aviation. The technology can be used for ground and polished surfaces, but is also designed for determining the degree of gloss and roughness of painted surfaces.

“We have completely aligned the system to Industry 4.0 capability, so the measurements are super fast,” says Larsson. “But we also paid attention to the applicability. The first customers recently tested the device. After only one hour, they were able to carry out measurements themselves”.

Workpieces are analyzed non-destructively. The associated software enables direct tracking of the measurement results, via a remote function even independent of the respective location. Based on measurements already carried out, a constantly growing SQL database is also being created. All deviations from the normal state are listed there and linked to the respective error images. If a problem occurs again, the comparison with the database allows a quick reaction in the process. This reduces rejects and rework.

The “CWS 640” measuring system consists of an optical head, a power supply unit and an analysis and visualization software. The associated software enables the workpiece to be represented as a “mixed reality” in which the quality parameters on the component itself can be viewed with holo lenses. During development, care was taken to enable automation directly in the process in order to completely replace the sometimes complex manual processes of quality control. This is why the measuring device allows extremely fast measurements. It is also insensitive to vibrations and ambient light. Furthermore, the developers paid attention to modularity. The device can be mounted directly in the process on a robot arm to determine quality parameters such as roughness. This significantly reduces the time required for inspections.

Manual Automated

+ Valuable process know-how

+ High flexibility & adaptability

+ High sensing & discerning ability         

–  Low reproducibility

– Subjective result evaluation

– Difficult to attract new workers   

+ High process endurance

+ High reproducibility

+ High scaling potential

– Limited process applications

–  Non-intelligent platforms

– High costs

Further information:
QSO Interferometer Systems AB, S-Halmstad, Peter Larsson, Tel.: +46 708100 537, peter.larsson@qisab.com, www.qisab.com

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