Recycled polyethylene for automotive coating

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Image: Pixabay/ Pexels

Recently researchers from Pennsylvania examined the functionality of a powder coat based on 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). They see it as a chance to make good use of the overabundance of plastic waste.
The HDPE was applied to mild steel samples with traditional electrostatic powder coating equipment. The coating thickness was measured using scanning electron microscope (SEM) characterized and was found to be roughly 116 μm. The analysis did not reveal any porosity in the coating. The immersion corrosion test in 5% H2SO4 for 2-3 days showed corrosion products at the bottom of the beaker. The tests indicated that the corrosion started from the edges and advanced towards the inner surfaces. The salt immersion test in 5% NaCl solution showed the sign of corrosion products after 5.5 hours and increased with time. In their conclusion they state that with further improvements on coating uniformity, recycled HDPE could be used as a powder coat for automotive chassis.

Further information:
Abu-Ayyad, Ma’moun, Anti-corrosive coating using recycled high density polyethylene for automotive chassis, Conference Paper ASME 2018, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA

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