Walkthrough an automated powder coating line

Recently an automated powder coating line was installed in Greenwood, South Carolina (USA) for Monti Incorporated. The almost 2000 m2 coating system was created in a team effort by GAT Finishing Systems, Rohner Powder Coating Booths and Gema Powder Application Equipment.

Source: Monti Incorporated

It can process large and small parts from and includes a wash line, a dry-off tunnel, a powder coating process and a curing oven. A newly released video also allows a look inside the new plant. The new automated line has numerous economic and environmentally efficient features. The wash system is a zero-discharge system. For water that would require disposal, Monti uses an evaporation system to eliminate it. The chemicals applied are zirconium-based, allowing the system to run at ambient temperature. Powder that doesn’t adhere to the part is filtered and goes back through the guns. The system also adds fresh powder to the system, with the result of being 90% efficient on powder usage.

Further information: www.monti-inc.com

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